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Use Rabbit to bridge the cloud cost transparency gap between Management and Engineering.


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Time is money. Save both.

Rabbit enables cloud cost optimization that directly impacts your company’s bottom line.

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Benefits for Finance & Engineering


Cloud cost clarity, made simple

Improve visibility in cloud cost management. Gain accurate insights to create a showback or chargeback model. Raise cloud cost awareness across your organization.


Make your teams cost-conscious

Introduce controls and governance that involve stakeholders in managing and optimizing your cloud spend. Create a cost-conscious culture across your technology and product teams.


Optimize cloud spend to meet your budget

Reduce cloud resource waste by cutting unnecessary cost drivers. Easily find and fix cost drivers in Compute Engine and BigQuery easily.

See how Rabbit can help optimize your GCP spend

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FinOps for cloud spend visibility

Rabbit is a FinOps tool that helps you make the most of your cloud budget by providing clarity and context around every cloud dollar spent. Regardless of your FinOps maturity, Rabbit efficiently bridges the gap between Finance and Engineering to make cost saving a collaborative effort.


Efficiently bridges the gap between Finance and Engineering regardless of your FinOps maturity


Rabbit makes cost-saving a collaborative effort.

Cost optimization for Google Cloud

Rabbit is based on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), providing recommendations to optimize costs for a range of GCP services including Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, BigQuery, Kubernetes and Cloud SQL.

Low costs, high performance, total control

Rabbit is a 360-degree tool built around three core functions, with the ultimate goal of bringing transparency, optimization and control for GCP. It helps you set up the necessary controls to prevent cost spikes by providing the right recommendations.

Compute Engine - Optimize

Rabbit analyzes Google Compute Engine instances to provide actionable recommendations. Find and remove unnecessary or unused resources like stop virtual machines, change machine types, create snapshots and delete disks, delete virtual machine images, delete unused disks allocated to virtual machines, or delete unused IP addresses. Start with the biggest possible saving.

BigQuery - Inform, Optimize, Control

Google Kubernetes Engine - Inform, Optimize, Control


Labeling - Inform

Labeling cloud resources allows you to group costs and create a manageable, business-relevant breakdown of your expenses. Implementing a proper labeling strategy can be hard. Rabbit helps you find unlabeled resources and provides an overview of already labeled services and resources. You can set which projects and services are applied to each label to have a proper view.

Cost Anomaly - Control

Committed Use Discount Planner - Optimize

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