Rabbit provides Engineering teams with cloud cost insights.

Aiming to create accountability around cloud spend for your Engineering team?
Rabbit encourages cloud cost ownership and equips your Engineers with actionable insights they can leverage to drive down cloud spend.


Who is Rabbit for?


Gain a high-definition view of cloud usage and costs to support decision-making and budget planning for optimal cloud support as the business grows.

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Tech leads

Tie in cloud spend with unit economics, identify cost drivers, and gain actionable insights to drive down cloud costs while enabling Engineers to make the most of cloud technologies.

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Benefits for the CTO


Leverage the power of the cloud for an optimal cost.

Gain clarity into the organization’s cloud spend to eliminate unjustified costs. Understand what’s driving cloud use to make smart cloud investments and predict what cloud budgets will best support company growth in the future.


Accelerate productivity & growth without overspending

Provide engineering organizations with the freedom to leverage cloud technologies to accelerate time to market. Ensure transparency around how cloud solutions help the company’s growth, and take the guesswork out of cost management.

Get 360° cloud cost insights.

Understand the operational activity that’s driving your cloud spend. Tie in cloud use with revenue-generating activities and assign budget ownership to remove unjustified costs. Set anomaly alerts for real-time cloud budget monitoring.

Improve cost predictability.

Rabbit provides a high-resolution cost feedback loop to improve the granularity and accuracy of cloud cost forecasting. For continuous cost control, implement 24/7 cloud cost monitoring to make sure teams align with the cost guardrails set.

Ready to get started with optimizing your cloud costs?

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Benefits for Tech leads


Connect the dots between cloud costs & unit economics

Increase cloud cost visibility and prediction accuracy for developing new features and products. Gain clarity in cloud costs per deployed service, and provide a showback/chargeback of cloud costs to the business.


Control costs with actionable insights.

Drive accountability around cloud use. Leverage Rabbit’s tools to identify anomalies and best practices, and incentivize your teams to keep cloud use efficiency in mind.

Identify cost drivers across projects

Rabbit helps optimize your BigQuery usage by pinpointing high-cost queries and unused or underutilized resources. It supports your cost optimization efforts by providing BigQuery pricing recommendations and leveraging committed use discounts.

Get actionable insights to reduce cloud costs.

Rabbit can find unused instances and offer recommended actions to help cut down on your costs. Define and manage usage policies, optimize virtual machines, and build cloud processes to control spend.

Want to bridge the cloud cost transparency gap between Management and Engineering?

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